Sequence ToU128



↳ var pos_infinity: u128 = 340282366920938463463374607431768211455
↳ var neg_infinity: u128 = 0
↳ var nan: u128 = 0


value: Stream<Vec<f64>>


↦ value: Stream<Vec<u128>>

Convert stream of Vec<f64> into Vec<u128> one.

Vec<f64> gets converted into Vec<u128>, and the resulting vectors are send through stream in continuity.

Every f64 is truncated to fit into the u128, and in case floating-point value does not describe a real number:

  • pos_infinity is used when f64 is a positive infinity,
  • neg_infinity is used when f64 is a negative infinity,
  • nan is used when f64 is not a number.