Treatment request



⬡ client: http/client::HttpClient


↳ var method: HttpMethod (http/method::HttpMethod)


⇥ req_headers: Block<Map> (std/data::Map)
⇥ url: Block<string>


↦ data: Stream<byte>
↦ failure: Block<string>
↦ res_headers: Block<Map> (std/data::Map)
↦ status: Block<HttpStatus> (http/status::HttpStatus)

Performs HTTP operation without data emission.

This treatment process HTTP request to the given url.

  • method: HTTP method used for the request.

  • url: the URL to use for the request (combined with optionnal base from the client model), request starts as soon as the URL is transmitted.

  • req_headers: the headers to use for the request (combined with ones defined at client level).

  • status: HTTP status response.

  • res_headers: the headers contained in the response.

  • data: data received as response, corresponding to the HTTP body.

  • failure: emitted if the request failed technically, containing the failure message.