Mélodium can be installed through different ways. There are prebuilt binaries ready to use for major platforms, as well as installers.

Installers and binaries

For major platforms, such as Linux, Mac, and Windows, Mélodium is released as package or installer, depending on the common practice related to the operating system. Standalone binaries stored in archive files are also available for all these platforms.

Please refer to the Download Page to get installer and prebuilt binaries.


Mélodium can be build and installed through the Rust cargo command. This method is available for all supported platforms, and require to have the Rust Environment installed and ready to work. Please refer to the Rust Project to install the Rust compiler.

To build and install Mélodium:

cargo install melodium

Please note this may take a while, depending on the network connection and machine proceeding to compilation.

Refer to the Supported Platforms chapter to check the Mélodium compatibility.