Standalone Files

Mélodium is able to handle standalone .mel files. Opposite to .jeu files that are packaged Mélodium applications, .mel standalone files aims to stay as simple scripts, for use cases as quick deployment, small tooling, or administration helpers.

Standalone Mélodium files are really usual .mel files with a special heading.

#!/usr/bin/env melodium
#! name = my_project_name
#! version = 0.1.0
#! require = std:0.8.*


    Just a usual Mélodium script afterwards.


They always start with the #!/usr/bin/env melodium shebang, allowing them to be used as system script. This shebang is mandatory as it is also used by Mélodium engine to ensure script was designed to be called as-is.

name and version fields works the same as in Compo.toml. require is expected to be the list of dependencies, separated by spaces, in with the <name>:<version_requirement> format. require can also be repeated multiple times if needed.

Unlike other Mélodium projects, standalone Mélodium files are required to have one and only one entrypoint, that is always set up to the main treatment. All the characteristics relevant to treatement parameters and CLI arguments are applicable as for any entrypoint.