Script files


Mélodium scripts can be launched using melodium command:

melodium main_script.mel

Or if the main script includes a shebang:


Recommended shebang being #!/usr/bin/env melodium.

Script file must contains basic identity informations to be used as entrypoint:

  • name (required),
  • version (optional, in semver sematic),
  • requirements (optional).
#!/usr/bin/env melodium
#! name = my_script
#! version = 0.1.0
#! require = std:0.8.0 fs:0.8.0 …

// Content

Note about encoding

Mélodium script files are plain UTF-8 text, without byte order mark. This choice is made for three main reasons:

  1. a choice on encoding, even arbitrary, is better than no choice;
  2. Unicode provides the wider support for any characters from all human languages and scripts, existing and future, ensuring continuity;
  3. the Mélodium engine is implemented in Rust, itself natively representing text as UTF-8.