Command Line Interface

Mélodium is distributed as a program that have extensive and growing CLI, to see the exhaustive commands and options list:

melodium help

Run program

Launch a Mélodium program:

melodium <FILE>


melodium run <FILE>

or launch a specific command in Mélodium program:

melodium run <FILE> <CMD> [ARGS…]

To see specifics of a program entrypoints:

melodium run <FILE> <CMD> --help

Note: If Mélodium is installed on system, standalone .mel files and .jeu files are directly callable as-is through command line.

Program information

See the commands and options of a program:

melodium info <FILE>

Check code

Check a Mélodium program validity:

melodium check <FILE>

Generates documentation

Generates documentation, as mdBook, for a Mélodium package:

melodium doc --file <FILE> <OUTPUT>

Build Jeu files

To build a Jeu file from a project:

melodium jeu build <PROJECT> <OUTPUT_FILE>